Rubrics in Moodle: What Is Your Experience? (Image Post)

5382307261_1649853dbe_zThis week I will be spending a lot of time reviewing rubrics and aligning rubrics with course learning outcomes. The use of rubrics in online learning provides the learner with a clear picture of the instructor and assignment expectations. Rubrics can be used to assess various assignment types in Moodle, primarily written assignments. Currently, you cannot use the Moodle rubric tool on forums. This would be a nice feature in grading forums in Moodle, so hopefully that will be made available in the future. Have you used rubrics in Moodle? What has been your experience? How do you create rubrics that can apply across content areas? What are some challenges and successes that you have in using rubrics for grading student learning?

Image Source: “Rubric Highway” by Jen Hegna,¬†CC BY-NA-SA 2.0