Becoming Famous on Twitter (Audio Post)

The podcast below shares an interesting story that occurred when two classes on opposite sides of the world used Twitter as a way to collaborate. In addition, there is a brief discussion about the advantages of using Twitter as an educational tool.



2 thoughts on “Becoming Famous on Twitter (Audio Post)

  1. Hi Hanna:
    What a great audio! You managed to find an audio that is also relevant to what we are learning in EdTech 537.
    How old is the audio? Just wondering because they discuss getting the kids to sign up for Twitter. I think most of my students entering my classroom today already have a Twitter account. Although, students may need a “cleaner” twitter account as many won’t share what they say on Twitter which is too bad. Students are still thinking they are anonymous which is far from the case.
    Pretty cool about the becoming famous piece too!
    Thanks for Sharing! – Angie

  2. Hi Angie,
    I think it is over 3 years old. I am sure a lot has changed with Twitter over that time. There are still misconceptions about sharing information online…I hope that we can be educators that can address this!

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