Links: Resources for Online Course Creation in K-12

When you are beginning to develop an online course, you need to consider a variety of pieces. These links provide information for online course creation in the areas of: (1) Specific Content Resources and (2) Course Design.

1. Discovery Education 

I love how interactive these resources and lesson plans are. A wide variety of subject areas are available.

2. cK-12

Provides free resources for teachers, primarily in STEM content areas. They also include standard alignment.

3. Curriki – Free Learning Resources for the World

These resources are all contributed by teachers. Thousands of lessons and resources to sift through.

4. Teacher Development: Starter Kit for Teaching Online

This article provides tips for getting started as an online teacher. Planning ahead and preparing for a shift in teaching style is important!

5. How Not to Develop an Online Course

Key considerations for transitioning a face-to-face course to online.

6. Educational Technology Guide

Ideas for using Educational Technology in a K-12 classroom. These can be adapted for fully online learners. Each tool has a variety of resources provided.

7. Brown University Creates Online Course for High School Students

More of an interesting read than a resource, but provides some helpful insights in making curriculum engaging when online.

8. Best Practices in Teaching K-12 Online

This is a journal article; however, Table 1 provides a great overview of the findings which can be helpful in design.


4 thoughts on “Links: Resources for Online Course Creation in K-12

  1. Nice post – I especially appreciated point 5 – How Not to Design an Online Course. Our little school division has made a few missteps in trying to provide more flexible programming; initially we simply moved a pile of paperwork into an LMS and hoped it would all work out. We’ve made a few gains since then, but we have a ways to go yet.

    • I don’t think you are alone – many schools end up doing that and then realize that it is not working. It is good that you recognize the issues and are working to improve. What are some changes that you have made from when you initially started with a LMS?

  2. I like #6. It has great resources for using different types of technology. For instance, the podcasting link has different sites that can assist with that task. Additionally, the instant message link freshened my knowledge on the new “lingo.”

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