Diving In

This is a new blog that I have created for a current graduate course at Boise State University, EDTECH 537 Blogging in the Classroom. I chose the title She Clicks “Enter” because I was reflecting on how I engage in learning and exploring online. It all starts with entering a web address or topic in a search bar and clicking “Enter”. This simple act opens the door to new opportunity, skills, and knowledge. I am excited to further strengthen my skills in blogging and in collaborative learning through this course.

I have a few previous experiences with blogging. My husband and I created and updated a blog regularly when we were in living in Beijing, China. This blog provided a way for us to share our experiences with family and friends. I enjoy looking back at our entries and find it to be a treasured home of many memories. I have also tried creating a food and recipe blog in the past; however, I found that I did not have enough time to invest in it. Finally, I have been adding content and updates to a learning log blog, specifically for completed graduate work.

One of my passions in education is curriculum development. This summer, I will be developing an 8th grade online science class, as our school is expanding grade levels in the fall. The process of designing a semester’s worth of content can be grueling and overwhelming. As a result, I envision this blog to be place of support and discussion for other teachers developing online curriculum. I hope to provide insight and thoughts on designing online courses, including best practices and personal experiences.

I am ready to dive into this course and begin a journey of educational blogging!






3 thoughts on “Diving In

  1. Hanna, one of the things that you might want to add to this entry or to your about me page is at least your first name (and many choose to only include their first names, while others their full names).

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